Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Summer Style Essentials

It's already mid-summer and I still feel as though I have only 5 items of clothing in my closet for this season. I really just didn't go all out for this summer because I tend to just stick to my favourites and incorporate interesting accessories to make myself seem a little less "drab". As you can tell, for the most part, my fashion sense is quite simple. Since summer time always means "colour-time", I like to add just a touch of colour here and there. From the shoes, to the handbag, and even the nails, I try to incorporate colour and depth. Believe it or not, my favourite colours are actually neutrals (shocker!), leaving my wardrobe boring to the max. My little secret/tip for those who have an obsession for all things cream, black, white, and grey... ADD SEQUINS! Neutral sequins are easy to find and make things so much more fun! The shorts with the sequin pockets are minimal yet still add a hint of glam. What's not to love? 

You can purchase all of these items here online:


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